Junnita Jackson

A mysterious invitation holds the promise of an interesting evening, but who sent the invitation and if they will reveal themselves is the bigger mystery. A mild mannered teacher will get the thrill of a lifetime before the evening is over and will never look at her local bakery quite the same again.


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The library is ready to close for the night when a handsome stranger walks in requiring hands on research. Nervous and just a bit turned on, this librarian decides to put her insecurities to the side to be the perfect model of customer service. Studying at the library has never been so sexy.

There comes a time in every girl's life when one must ask an impossible question. Eva's gift to Lux on their anniversary was the answer to that seemingly impossible question. Never had a celebration been so naughty and full filling. 

Annabelle Waters is at college on a full ride scholarship. Her four years of hard work didn't leave much of a social life before college. Now, away from home and jobless, she must learn to take care of herself. An interview at a local company puts more than a few dollars in her pocket. Will Annabelle learn more about biology than her scholarship covers?